Omnipod 5 Pivotal Trial Participant Testimonial

Brooks O'Neil
over 1 year agoMarch 20, 2021
Did she say why she had not gotten either herself or her son on a system with AID over the past few years? I understand with whatever she was using before she was afraid about the possibility of serious health consequences, particularly at night and particularly for her son. Given Basil IQ and Control IQ have been available for more than a year, and given the glowing feedback users give those systems, why did she wait and keep using an outdated system?
Kelly Close
over 1 year agoMarch 21, 2021
hi Brooks! Many preferred CGM with Dexcom and also didn't want sets that came with traditional pumps .... Control IQ was approved in late 2019, and had many raves - probably around the time the family may have heard about this Omnipod 5 trial!!
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